Useful information

mapka mazurki

Festival venues:

1 Imaculate Conception Church, St. Dewajtis 3
2 Mazovian Center of Culture and Art, St. Elektoralna 12
3 Corso Restaurant, St. Elektoralna 23
4 National Ethnographic Museum, St. Kredytowa 1
5 Royal Castle, Sq. Zamkowy 4
6 Solec Club, St. Solec 44
7 “Sen Pszczoły” Artistic Center, St. Ząbkowska 27/31

Getting around Warsaw

Public transportation
You can buy tickets in ticket machines, stops and in vehicles, also in kiosks

Tickets prices:
single ticket 4,4/2,2 PLN;
20 minutes ticket 3,4/1,7 PLN;
24h ticket 15/7,5 PLN

Fine for travelling without a valid ticket: 266 PLN

All festival venues are located in 1st transportation zone.

Grosik Taxi: 22 6464646;
City taxi: 19459

By car
There is a charge for public parking spots in the center of Warsaw from Monday to Friday, from 8 am till 6 pm.
The only Festival venues that are exempt from the charging zone are: Imaculate Conception’s Church (Dewajtis Street) and close surroundings of “Sen Pszczoły” Artistic Center.

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