Opening of the exhibition Sold Music

Nowy Świat 63

We invite you to the opening of the exhibition Sold Music

19.04.2017, 5.30 pm

Nowy Świat Muzyki, Nowy Świat 63



Exhibition: Sold Music

When I had my book Sprzedana muzyka (Sold Music) published in 2007 I got a vague idea to use the authentic stories from the book in visual art. The easiest way would be a graphic novel. However, that genre of combining test and image seemed too cliché. I was in a standstill. Fortunately I got help from a friendly painter in Podlasia, Stanisław Kogucik. His figurative art and simple division of painting into text and image stunned me. This inspired a series of paintings commenced in 2008 entitled Sold Music. The text referring to the painted scenes is not a quotation of my own stories but synthesized content. On the painting it is reduced to just a few words. Every phrase has got a number, the order in which the painting should be read. Then it will reveal its story, a true story, which I wrote and painted.

Andrzej Bieńkowski (born 1946) painter, ethnographer, professor of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. From 1980, during his expeditions to the countryside he collected an impressive private ethnographic archive containing thousands of audio recordings, videos and photographs from Poland, Ukraine and Belarus. Author of documentary movies Ukraine. Looking for Pagan Rites, Gaca Musicians from Radomskie region and a series of short movies about folk music (in collaboration with Monika Mencina). He is a published author of The Last Village Musicians, Sold Music, 1000 Kilometres of Music. Warsaw-Kiev and publications in the Found Music series.

wystawa Andrzeja Bieńkowskiego from muzyka zakorzeniona on Vimeo.


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