Festival spring 2010

Today, I have felt the roots of this music and the roots of music in its entirety. I have recognized this sound – sound from Cape Verde, from Brazil, from Portugal – in what the Polish musicians played. I have sensed its primeval purity. This fiddle and drum performance, it was a real speed.

- Jon Luz

The first edition of the ”Mazurkas of the World” Festival has ended. For a week, in the center of Warsaw the rhythm of a village party intermingled with Chopin’s mazurkas and jazz jam sessions. We were listening to mazurkas from Radom region (these are fastest in the world!), sensual Swedish polska and swinging mazurca from Cape Verde.

Festival has started with Mazurka Monday – dance party near Post-Camaldolese Church in Bielański Forest and Missa Polonica AD1810, performed by Bractwo Śpiewacze from Brochów – all in the musical setting like in Chopin’s time.

The music of Orkiestra Czasów Zarazy (The Plague Times Orchestra) recalled the atmosphere of Polish tavern with the “wild” bandsmen improvisations and the rampage of Black Death across Republic in the background. The idea of this musical tale was based on the XVIII-century notes, taken by Georg Philipp Telemann during his stay in Poland.

Jon Luz Trio mazurkas captured the sunny smell, the airiness, the fun of Cape Verde. The band played the melodies of their ancestors and those composed especially for the Festival.

Kapela Brodów and Jan Cebula with Marius Peterson and Sofia Jons played the two polskas concert, a unique dialogue of Polish and Estonian tradition.

Wszystkie Mazurki Swiata

Reine Steen Trio has acquainted us with the Swedish polska. It has turned out that music from the cold northern country is perfect for bringing the dancers closer together! Reine Steen said:

I have been dreaming about this meeting for years. It is an amazing experience to be able to come to Poland, the very source of this music.

Jazz mazurka? First we were listening to Artur Dutkiewicz interpretation, later to Michał Urbaniak. At the final concert Urbaniak performed with Janusz Olejniczak, Janusz Prusinowski Trio and village musicians Jan and Piotr Gaca, while Gałki Rusinowskie Singers sung. The Square was nearly bursting with energy awoken in the musicians and the audience by an ancient, inner rhythm of mazurka.

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