Festival 2014

“Mazurkas of the World” Festival 2014 – Kolberg’s Republic

Welcome to the world of mazurka, kujawiak, wiwat, polka, kołomyjka and sutartine – played, sung and danced!

This year’s festival has been evolving as an idea of collecting all musical traditions pertaining to the realm of erstwhile Rzeczpospolita (Republic). Thus, we want to celebrate 200th birthday of Oskar Kolberg – the father of Polish and European folkloristics, the man who valued the knowledge of the authentic above his own creativity.

Poles, Ukrainians, Belarusians, Lithuanians, Jews, Gypsies, Germans and a multitude of other nationalities (or simply “local people”) for over 500 years had been living together and in separation, dancing at weddings and weeping at funerals, celebrating various religious holidays and telling fairytales. Such was the world described by Oskar Kolberg in his monumental, eighty-volume work “The Folk: customs, life, speech, tales, proverbs, ceremonies, rituals, games, songs, music and dance”. This enchanted “treasure chest” is full of melodies, rhymes, stories and descriptions. For a keen reader, who uses a “magic wand”, the text may come to life – resound both in the imagination and in reality. The “wand” stands for personal experience in practicing traditional folk music.

The festival is a spiritual and musical return to Kolberg’s Republic. This year’s concerts will be devoted to the wealth of tradition he chronicled – from the regions of Hutsulshchyna, Lithuania and Belarus all the way to Greater Poland. We will have an opportunity to experience the living heritage, preserved until the present day, and hear many Village Masters who have always been our most important guests. Territories of Kolberg’s Republic will be presented as three concerts: The Northwest, The Northeast and The Southeast. All of them, along with the Mazovian “center” will come together at the Dance Night. We are also preparing a fourth concert, focusing on The Southwest. It will take place during the fall edition of Mazurka Festival, planned for 28 – 30 November 2014.

As every year, we invite you to join dance, singing and instrument workshops; to see the Old Tradition competition, visit the Instrument Fair and have fun in the festival club and at the Dance Night. When we play, sing and dance to the music of our forefathers, we become a multicultural community, a true republic.

We would like to thank all supporters of the “Mazurkas of the World”!

We wish you all the best – emotions, discoveries and meetings with music, dance and people!

Viva mazurka! Viva polka! Viva kołomyjka!

Viva Kolberg’s Republic!


Program of the festival :

MONDAY 21.04.2014, Kościół Pokamedulski (Camaldolese Church), Dewajtis 3 Street

11:00 AM


Cyclical event hosted by the Mazurkas of the World Foundation on Easter Monday. The mass at 11:00 with a special musical setting provided by Mazurka Vocal Group. 12:00 – dance party featuring Janusz Prusinowski Trio. 13:00 – singing with Kaja and Janusz Prusinowski (church basements).


TUESDAY 22.04.2014, Mazowieckie Centrum Kultury i Sztuki, Elektoralna 12 Street

19:00 (7:00 PM)


Old Tradition Competition 2014

The competition is addressed to young musicians, vocalists and groups. It is an occasion to present musical skills rooted in the Polish folk tradition. The competition seeks to promote young instrumentalists and vocalists who perpetuate Polish traditional music originating from historical or contemporary regions of the country and attempt to include it in the present-day culture.

Members of the jury:
Ewa Grochowska
Andrzej Bieńkowski
Piotr Kędziorek
Marcin Pospieszalski
Tomasz Nowak
Adam Strug
Janusz Prusinowski.


WEDNESDAY 23.04.2014, Warsaw Royal Castle, Sala Wielka (Great Hall), Plac Zamkowy 4

19:00 (7:00 PM)



Tomasz Kiciński and Martyna Żurek with band (southwestern Wielkopolska)

Domachów Folk Group (Biskupizna region)

Antoni Beksiak, Barbara Wilińska, Justyna Piernik – reconstructed music from Wielkopolska


Danuta Kaczmarek (Śmiłowice near Włocławek)

Warszawa Wschodnia Group, Janusz Prusinowski Trio – reconstructed music from Kujawy

Dance leader – Dominik Wóltański (Toruń)

Curator of the koncert – Justyna Piernik


THURSDAY 24.04.2014, “Sen Pszczoły” Artistic Center, Ząbkowska 27/31 Street

19:00 (7:00 PM)



Male vocal group – “kompania wołoczebna” from Knyszyn Forest – “wołoczebne” songs of Podlasie

Suwałki region

Chłopcy z Nowoszyszek, Weronika Zubowicz, Marta Urban-Burdalska, Julita Charytoniuk – Suwałki music in Kolberg’s collection. Love stories


Dominika Chekun, Ludmila Vostrikova, Yuri Kovalchuk – Polesia songs

Warmia and Mazury

Ania Broda, Iwona Sojka, Jacek Mielcarek – “Ania Broda on the North – Dialogues with Kolberg”


Mindre group – traditional songs and dance music from Lithuania


Na Taku band – dance music from various regions of Belarus

Curator of the concert – Julita Charytoniuk

FRIDAY, 25.04.2014, “Sen Pszczoły” Artistic Center, Ząbkowska 27/31 Street

19:00 (7:00 PM)



Susana Karpenko, Maksim Berezniuk, Sergei Okhrimchuk

The Hutsuls group – Mykola Iliuk, Vasyl Tymchuk, Ostap Kostyuk, Olena Kostyuk


Andriy Lyashuk

Lublin region

Janina Chmiel, Ewa Grochowska


Andriy Lyashuk

Rzeszów region

Kapela z Futomy – music of the Rzeszów region

Kapela Brodów – Jewish music

Lemko and Boyko music

Susanna Karpenko, Maksim Berezhnyuk, Sergei Okhrimchuk


Juraj Dufek (bagpipe music from Orava)



Curator of the concert – Maniucha Bikont

SATURDAY 26.04.2014, “Sen Pszczoły” Artistic Center, Ząbkowska 27/31 Street

11:00 AM – 17:00 (5:00) PM


The fourth Instrument Fair will bring together over 70 exhibitors from Poland, Ukraine and Slovakia. There will be over 1000 instruments – traditional, historical, reconstructed – such as hammered dulcimer, hurdy-gurdy, harmonia, shawm, ocarina, ligawka, nyckelharpa, clay birds, kalimba and many, many more.

You can participate in instrument making workshops, learn the secrets of their construction, touch, listen and play

There will be workshops of traditional dances: Polish (instructor Piotr Zgorzelski), Hutsul (The Hutsuls group), Lithuanian (Mindre), Goral (Zakopiony)

Presentations of unique publications by the Institute of Art of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Muzyka Odnaleziona Foundation and Institute of Musicology of the University of Warsaw. Institute of Art has prepared albums with the earliest recordings of Polish traditional music, ethnomusicology books and screenings of documentaries.

The vocal group from Gałki Rusinowskie will show a wedding spectacle entitled “Zdjęcioż”, and Andrzej Bieńkowski will tell us about wedding theaters.

Curator of the Fair – Piotr Piszczatowski


19:00 (7:00) PM – 5:00 AM


The festival’s climax – Polish dance music from the regions of Radom, Kielce, Sieradz will be played and sung by: Piotr Gaca, Śpiewaczki z Gałek Rusinowskich, Janusz Prusinowski Trio, Tęgie Chłopy, Gęsty Kożuch Kurzu, Kapela Niwińskich, Stefan Nowaczek, Kapela Aleksandra Krupy, Marcin Drabik, Józef and Czesław Pańczak, Tomasz Stachura. Music from other regions and countries: Kapela Brodów, Kapela Maliszów, Zokopiony, Huculi (Ukraine), Mindre (Lithuania), Na Taku (Belarus), Susanna Karpenko, Sergij Ochrimczuk (Ukraine), Kapela z Wielgolasu, Romuald Jędraszak and Tomasz Kiciński, Kocirba, Stanisław Lewandowski and Piotr Sikora, Kapela Byrtków, Juraj Dufek, Kapela ze Zbąszynia, Beskidians, Kapela z Futomy, Katarzyna Zedel, Sławomir Czekalski.


The Bottom Drawer
Exhibition of photographs depicting the residents of Gnojnica commune (Rzeszów region). It includes the archives of the local inhabitants, collected during the preparation of “Galicia/Gnojnica/traditional music” festival. The exhibition was created in 2012, and in 2013 it was expanded with photographs collected in local schools by the Gnojnica Community Centre and the residents. Special thanks to: Izabela Kowalska, Paweł Zawiślak, Elementary School in Gnojnica. Exhibition executives: Stowarzyszenie Muzyka Dawna (Traditional Music Society) in Jarosław and “Muzyka Odnaleziona” Foundation.

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