Small Mazurkas 2016, Autumn Edition

October 1, 2016

Children’s Museum of the National Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw, ul. Kredytowa 1

Small Mazurkas, Autumn Edition

” The Travels of Janek Kusy “ .Songs, plays and toys of Poland and Baltic Countries – similar and different “



Traditional plays of the twenty-first century – experiences and challenges.

Seminar for children’s folklore lovers .

Meeting with teachers, folklorists and artists from Poland , Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia


13.30 – 14.15

Violin Workshop for children and youth – host ,Janusz Prusinowski.




Great Autumn Fun



“Tule Tuul, Tulleviiul” (Come wind, Windy Violin)

Concert of children from Tallinn, under the guidance of Kristi Alas



Brother and sister

Musical fairy tale of Listen by Ear theater ,

(Kaja and Janusz Prusinowscy, Peter Piszczatowski)

Special guests Maarja Sarv, Leanne Barbo

Instruments : violin, estonian bagpipes, horn, cymbals, kankle, flute, hurdy-gurdy, accordion, baraban, singing .



Dance for children and adults to the music of Poland , Estonia and Latvia.




Cofinanced by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland



Embassy in Tallinn Embassy in Riga

Lithuania, Kaunas

Museum of Folk Instruments / branch Museum of the City of Kaunas

Estonia, Viljandi

Eesti Pärimusmuusika Keskus / Center Music Sources

Estonia, Tartu

Mönguasjamuuseum I Teatrikodu / Toy Museum and Theatre For Children

Latvia, Riga

Etnogrāfiskais brīvdabas muzejs / Open Air Museum



Musical Theatre Listen by Ear

Foundation Mazurkas of the World

and the National Museum of Ethnography and the Museum For Children

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