Why mazurkas?

“Mazurkas of the World” Festival
mazurkas sung, played and danced



Today, in the early days of the 21st century, the music rooted in tradition creates a colourful puzzle that becomes a wholesome image when during one concert classical, traditional and jazz musicians play together, and bands from different parts of the world bring their own sounds, yet so close and somehow familiar to us. When we actually dance polonez, mazurek and a hundred of related dances. Read more:


How Poles gave music to the Scandinavians

Ewa Turek-Dahlig

When we think about the quintessence of “Polishness” in music, our very first association usually is Chopin. He composed notable waltzes and preludes, but the pieces that grasp the essence of the Polish spirit are Chopin’s mazureks and polonaises. Read more


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